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Digital Marketing

Let us explain a bit better how this whole thing works. There are many different things you can do, and we will help you find the ones that make the difference.

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

Not too long ago in advertising, exposure and the number of people you could reach were the main things to consider, however… times have changed.

In online advertising, you shouldn’t try to show your ads as much as possible. The goal is to reach the right person, at the right time, with a good message and clear instructions properly measured.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is That You Have Options.


Google Advertising

Show up on Google when people search for your product or service.

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Advertising in Google is one of the best ways for you to reach your potential customers right when they are looking for your product or service. Show up when people search your keywords in google search, shopping, youtube, google maps, and more!

The picking and optimizing of Google’s ads is a task that can be challenging, but it’s a long time investment of your money as everything you try will give you more hard data to work with. Optimizing headlines, descriptions, or when to appear and to who is are the key tasks in having a profitable and successful campaign on google.

Even though Google became known for its search ads, today you can advertise to people in many different ways. From animated ads that appear on different websites and apps to video advertising on youtube and including the original search advertising you can target your audience based not only on what they are searching in that specific moment but also on their demographic information, interests, and recent searches!

Social Media Advertising

Find new clients when they are on social media based on their interests

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Social Media has become such a big part of today’s everyday life, that every company knows there is potential for their business to have a presence in them, but how do you do it to get profits? The truth is that you don’t need to be posting every day as an influencer to get your message out there. Advertising on these platforms has become one of the most powerful marketing tools of this day and age.

Advertising on social media there is no need for people to visit your brand’s social page. You can send people directly to your website, to send a message on a messaging app (Whatsapp, Instagram Direct, and more), or even leave their information for your sales team to contact and explain your product further.

There is no limit to how much you can segment your audiences on this platform and finding the right people to hear your message can be the difference between answering a thousand messages and getting no sales, to answering one and closing it. 

It is challenging at first, but we will help you with your graphic brand, segmentation, and even how to respond to those queries so you can get the best out of your investment. You don’t need to spend thousands to make a dent in the market. Everything you invest in will make a difference.

Analytics First

Know what people do on every step of your sales funnel.

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We pride ourselves on being an Analytics-Driven Company. The first thing we do when thinking about advertising in any way for a client is… How are we going to measure it? The advance on the measuring tools that you can set up on your website and your interactions with your client can have a huge impact on defining your audience.

If you are defining your measuring tools properly you could find that only a segment of your visitors is actually converting into customers and what do they have in common. Then you can target this audience more specifically and drive your ROI further. 

Measuring properly and defining your targeted audiences based on those measurements can be the deciding factor on whether you lose money or you make money in the online advertising world.

Goal Oriented

Know precisely how much every interaction costs and where it came from.

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What is advertising without goals? And yes, most of the time you could say that the goal is to make a profit. But in digital marketing goals are the specific actions you intend that a user does when they interact with your advertisement. This could be sending a message, subscribing to your newsletter, or buying one of your products.

These goals need to be in sync with your advertising platform, so you can know if a sale was made, where did it come from? Which ad triggered it? What path did that person take before closing the operation?

This is one of the biggest problems people fin when advertising online on their own. How do you know if this client didn’t come referred from another customer? Luckily there is a fix to this problem and it is tied to measuring. If you are measuring your visitor’s interactions properly and tagging him with your advertising platforms, you can know the when, who, where, why, and how.

E-commerce Development

Jump into the market of online sales and grow your brand further

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Creating your E-commerce can be a challenging task when approached without knowledge. We specialize in creating intuitive websites for you and your clients to use. Our E-commerce is 100% self-run by their owners with our guidance. Every time something needs to be done and you don’t know how to do it yourself we will give you a personalized tutorial on how to do it.

Even though they are many “do it yourself” websites today, most of those platforms offer a limited amount of customization on functionality and esthetics. We will give you a website that reflects your brand and has the tools to sell your product the proper way. From single to bulk buyers, with comprehensive discounts based on the criteria you need, to sync your stock with your existing software.

If you want to jump into or up your game in the online world of sales, we will help you achieve it in a way that you can do so reliably and knowing how to manage your new store. 

Task Automation

Don’t waste time sending the same replies and invest it where it matters.

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There are many ways a brand can lose their investment in their worker’s time and many of those can be fixed by simple automation. Do you waste time sending the same reply or asking the same questions over and over again? Have a robot do it for you! 

Having an AI to be the first line of defence against an avalanche of questions can be the difference between having an exhausted sales force, and your employees having the time they need to answer the questions that matter.

From simple things as reminding your customer to pay the due service to reply repetitive questions on Facebook, there are many ways automation can be implemented on your company, and if done right, you will never regret it. 

Website Development

Be proud of the way your website looks and help your client making it intuitive.

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Developing a website should be on the to-do list of any company that doesn’t have one, and updating your existing one on every company that already does. Having a responsive and up-to-date website has become one of the most important things a company needs to do to introduce itself to new clients.

The main problem of most people who already have a website is that they don’t know or straight up can’t manage it and update it. Whenever we develop a website we will give you the tools to keep it alive, change the things that need to be changed and have it in your own private server under your name. 

We utilize easy to pick up tools to develop websites that will allow you to understand how it works and feel confident that whenever someone visits your site, they see what you want to show them in the best possible way.


Email Marketing

Keep in touch with your clients with updates and offers on your services.

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Even though E-mail marketing has been around for a while now. It is still one of the kings of return of investment. Most people say “I don’t open any company’s emails” but the statistics don’t lie. A lot of people do, and when you can have a message so targeted to your audience it is nothing to scoff at. 

Something as small as sending your already client a happy birthday email with a small gift or message can be the difference between being replaced for the competition or having that person’s loyalty. 

Automating compelling emails and sending customized offers to your best clients can be an incredible way to increase your revenue, and one of the cheapest when it comes to return on your investment. 

Even if you don’t have a huge list of emails to send to, a couple that is from your best clients can make a difference.

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